How to connect with your woman better in sex?

Many guys wonder about the ways they can use in order to connect with their women even better, so that both of the partners feel great during their sexcapades. And it makes sense since for women it’s not all about the penetration, but it’s also about emotions, flirting and love behind the action.

What to do?

First, you need to learn about the preferences and fetishes your sweetheart has. Use them in order to set the mood right. Watch some good XXX-rated movies with famous pornstars or do her a massage on her body with the lotion and down there as well.

Second, don’t just fixate on sex per se. Play some games, do some role-playing, tease her and generally have a good time with her in bed.

Third, after you’ve actually penetrated her, focus on building a good physical connection with your companion.

Breath in and out in unison with her breaths. In this way, she will get much more relaxed and in tune for a great orgasm. Afterwards, your gf will become convinced you are a perfect match for her, sex-wise.