How to make your gf even more happier in your sex life?

We are convinced that guys need to take active efforts in order to create a more comfortable and fun environment in your sexcapades. This way, you’ll be able to strengthen your connections and have great sex for years to come.

What to do?

First, always makes sure your woman cums first. There’s nothing worse for a woman than having sex without any orgasm in it for her. Watch some videos with famous pornstars – in all of them the women have strong orgasms and it’s not just about the man culminating.

Second, don’t just focus on her vagina and breasts. Caress her hips, kiss her back of the neck. Play with her feed (think footjob and more).

Massage her lips. It’s important for a woman to feel your touch and love all over her body as it helps her to get ready to have a strong orgasm.

Third, for girls it’s important to have both good foreplay and after-play. Cuddle after sex and do some pillow talk. In this way, she’ll connected to you.

Make sure that you compliment her butt and breasts and everything that you love about her. It’s paramount for a woman to have high self-esteem, and complements can go a long way in this regard.