How to make your lassie feel sexy and adored?

As guys, we know what we want – fucking our woman’s brains out and cumming. After that we can get something to eat, watch a movie or go for a walk.

Women are a different animal in this regard. They want you to do various extracurricular activities in addition to the penetration per se.

How to improve your technique?

First, you should watch some romantic videos with famous pornstars. There, you’ll see that there’s some foreplay and after-play. Women need this kinda stuff!

Second, stop fixating on the penetration. You need to bring more diversity to your sexcapades. Do some teasing, dancing or petting outside – in your car, in the elevator, on the balcony.

Third, consider purchasing some weird sex toys and flavored lubricants. In this way, your girl will get completely new kinds of sensations, preventing her from getting bored. Studies show that our brains love it when we do something new from time to time. And although the main action is being done by penises and vagina, your woman will get off only when she’s sexy and engaged in her mind.