Fashion and Fitness

You’re in one of those moods when everything is going right. Confidence abound, you go off to an important fundraiser with your new girlfriend. You’re dressed like Bond, feel strong like Wahlberg and charismatic like The Rock. You call a cab so you don’t have to worry about drinking too much and just focus on having fun. Your beautiful girlfriend is glowing, she truly is all you’ve ever wished for. Dressed to kill from head to toe, you’re wearing the finest clothes that have been impeccably dry cleaned.

You smell amazing, have a fresh haircut and feel invigorated from your evening workout.

She compliments you with lovey eyes and an unforgettable kiss. In the cab, she can’t seem to keep her hands off of you. The both of you are annoying the driver by making out like two horny teenagers. She rubs your inner thigh ever so close to her prize.

You feel wanted and desired. You get out of the cab with a huge smile, hand in hand, walking through the doors into the beautiful ball room, everybody turns to look at both of you. Nothing can top this feeling and there is nowhere you would rather be than there with her. All the men are eating her up with their eyes and the women are undressing you with theirs. Your Girlfriend whispers in your ear;  “meet me in the handicap bathroom in 5 minutes”.

You pinch yourself, thinking this is too good to be true.

Five minutes go by, you quickly walk into the bathroom and have animalistic sex, your stamina has never been better. Just as she’s about to finish you off, she screams out that you’re the best she ever had…

Sounds great doesn’t it? It’s fantasy but quite achievable. Two serious factors make a huge difference to make fantasy reality; fashion and fitness. You can be the smoothest talker with the fattest wallet but on the long run, if you pay no attention to your body and how you dress, she’ll kick you to the curb. The objective not only to improve internally but also externally. So how do you attain a first class look and a strapping body?

By emulating the men that inspire you.

We all have role models who influence us in one way or another. Five years ago, I started getting my hair cuts at a barber shop in downtown Montreal on Bishop street. There was this one guy who I crossed paths with several times that always stood out. He was an extremely sharp dresser. I never saw him wearing the same clothes twice and he always found a way to be classy and unique. One day, while we were both getting a shave, I complimented him on his style and asked him if he could give me a few pointers.

Turns out he had a ‘go to’ store for every article he buys(shirt store, belt store, shoe store etc.) and every store he recommended was tiny, hidden and not easy to find. It was precisely the insider knowledge I needed in order to win the superficial battles against other men.

And my superficial evolution didn’t end there. Around the same time I met a guy who I now refer to as the king of plyometrics. His name is Felix. First time I met Felix, he was doing squats with a hundred pounds of weight on a barbell… on a Swiss ball. I was amazed at his balance and fearlessness. His programs were out of the ordinary, pushing his body to its limits. Needless to say, he became my trainer shortly after meeting him. Felix transformed me from a soft noodle to a toned bad ass in about 6 months of training 5 days a week.

Exercise got my blood flowing, hormones circulating, my stamina increased, I was in a better mood, I exuded more confidence, my immune system became stronger and I felt more attractive.

When I combined my improved fashion sense with my new found passion for fitness, it had a HUGE impact on my approach with women. It seemed like I was already one step ahead in the seduction war.

If you can’t think of role models or anybody to emulate, have no worries. Felix has joined the SeductionWar crew and is looking forward to contribute to your evolution.

And on the fashion front, we have Lex, who’s a male model and fashion guru to guide you.

But we won’t help you until we see your burning desire to evolve. You have to reach out to us first. It all begins with you. We’ll be here when you need us.